“Services” are, collectively or individually, the services and tasks that standard provides on behalf of the client in accordance with this agreement and which are described in more detail in working hours, work returns and current orders. At Witness Whereof, the parties reached out to the agreement on their behalf on their behalf on the aforementioned date. DAMAGE EXCLUDED. None of the contracting parties is liable to the other party for the special damages, indirect, accidental, consecutive or punitive (excluded damages), whether based on contracts, wrongdoing or other legal theory related to the performance by either party of their respective agreements and agreements under this agreement, work plans and declarations of work. Neither party is liable to the other party for the excluded damages, foreseeable or not, and even if the party concerned has been informed of the possibility of excluded injury. This limitation of excluded harm does not apply to (i) the confidentiality obligations of the parties under this agreement or (ii) the parties` compensation obligations pursuant to Section 8.1 and Section 8.2 of this agreement. The relationship established by this agreement is that of the client and the independent contractor. No provision of this agreement should be construed as inconsistent with this relationship. Under no circumstances should the independent contractor be considered an employee of the client for any purpose and is not entitled to the benefits that the client grants to his own employees.

The independent contractor is solely responsible for the payment of all applicable federal, regional and communal income, as well as obligations or withholding contributions, which are used by social security, unemployment insurance or workers` compensation insurance under this agreement, on behalf of the self-employed contractor himself or the staff, if any, with the self-employed contractor. Independent contractors pay for liability insurance of an amount acceptable to the client and agree, in another way, to compensate, compensate and fully protect the customer for any personal or material damage resulting from the performance of this agreement. This agreement is governed by state law. “I`m going to be a no-go-all” “I`m going to be a no-go-all” The independent contract is responsible ___________upon_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ for all business and travel expenses outlined in this agreement and provides all equipment, tools, equipment and any other purpose necessary to carry out the services covered in this agreement. The customer does not offer a refund for these fees. With respect to the required products, Standard is committed to making digital printing type prices available for customer use when purchasing the printing press. Taxes for the required goods are calculated with a 33% discount on the standard list prices. The list price of digital printing models for the required products is regularly adjusted to reflect changes in market conditions, paper and other cost factors, the returns required to justify investments in technology and equipment, and specification/work requirements.

Subject to 4.4 c), the standard cannot increase list prices by more than 5% per year. Standard agrees that the fees that will be charged to the customer for digital printing granted for the necessary goods will not be higher than those made available to its other customers for comparable products under comparable conditions. In the event that the customer has evidence that the standard charges for the required goods (on several orders, taking into account quality, supply, security, conditions, capacity and investments in technology) are not competitive in the market, the standard and the customer agree to renegotiate the p