“It was an agreement in principle,” the official said. But, of course, there must be an agreement in principle between the parties themselves. Dow Jones said the special commission had agreed on the principle of the new offer. Last October, after five years of discussions, an agreement in principle was reached. “There is an agreement in principle,” said a French official who asked not to be identified. Across the country, there is a consensus on the need to accelerate reforms. The first is their agreement in principle for the signing of the Treaty against Nuclear Proliferation. The form of an agreement in principle on strategic weapons has been evident for some time. He said he was on the verge of fundamentally characterizing the ceasefire agreement. “We have an agreement in principle, as long as that happens,” Pittenger said. They added, however, that an agreement in principle had been drawn up and was almost ready to be signed. Get a written agreement in principle from a lender before you search for real estate. An executive close to the negotiations said that an agreement in principle could have already been reached.

It is something other than saying that you have an agreement in principle. The allies and the group then agreed on the principle. We have an agreement in principle on the big issues. The company has an agreement in principle for the municipal government to purchase $321 million of apartments over 11 years old. The agreement was expected to be signed at the Washington summit. It quickly agreed on the principle of a transaction at a price of 56 $US. Although nothing has been signed, the parties have reached an agreement in principle, with conditions expected to be finaled early next year. The joint announcement must mean an agreement in principle. “Could you say that we agree on the principle?” We must not allow this agreement to be lost in principle. The two companies announced an agreement in principle in June. Darmowy S`ownik internetowy PONS dost-pny jest rewnie` na iOS oraz Androida! W jaki sposéb przeniea t`umaczenia do Trenera s`ownictwa? 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, “Waéno” takiego dokumentu w zale-no-ci od banku wynosi od 2 do 6 miesiécy. Jest to doa istotne, zw`aszcza, é niekiedy agencje nieruchomo`ci przed obejrzeniem mieszkania, ktére chcemy kupié, édajé powyszego za-wiadczenia. Bez niego bardzo trudno staraé sié o nieruchomo, bo zwykle na takie transakcje zaciagane sé kredyty.