The choice of the “Accept a Licensing Agreement” button is a confirmation of your agreement that you complete now and for the duration of the trial with each of the following statements: You can allow your end-users to allow third parties to use the programs on behalf of that end user for the purposes defined in the end user licensing agreement, subject to the terms of this Agreement. You are financially responsible for all claims and damages that arise from the fact that you have not stated the above terms in each end-user license agreement between you and an end user. We are a third party that benefits from an end-user license agreement between you and the end user, but assumes none of your obligations, and you agree not to enter into an end-user license agreement that excludes us as a third party and informs your end users of our rights. We grant you a non-exclusive right and a program distribution license, provided you do not charge your end users for the use of the programs. The broadcast of these programs includes at least the following conditions in a license agreement between you and the end user that: (1) limits the use of the programs to the activity of the end user; (2) (a) prohibit the end user from assigning, transferring or transferring programs or any interest in these programs to another natural or legal person (and if the end user pays an interest in program security, the insured party is not entitled to use or transfer the programs); (b) make the programs available to third parties in any way for use in the third-party business (unless that access is expressly authorized for the specific program license or material from the services you purchased); and (c) ownership of transmission programs to the end user or another party; (3) prohibiting the safety of engineering (except for interoperability), dismantling or decompiling programs, and prohibiting duplication of programs, with the exception of a sufficient number of copies of each program for end-user licensed use and a copy of each medium; (4) to refrain from liability in the event of damage, direct, indirect, accidental or logical resulting from the use of the programmes, in the case of the applicable law; (5) if the contract is terminated, require the end user to stop using and to destroy or return all copies of the programs and documentation to you; (6) prohibit the publication of the results of reference tests conducted on programmes; (7) require the end-user to fully comply with applicable U.S. export legislation and regulations and other applicable export and import legislation to ensure that neither programs nor direct products are exported directly or indirectly in violation of applicable legislation; (8) do not require us to meet obligations or to make a responsibility that has not been previously agreed upon between you and us; (9) Give you the opportunity to verify your end-user`s use of the programs or to entrust us with the right to review the end-user`s use of the programs; (10) designate us as third parties to the end user license agreement; (11) contain terms that correspond to the terms in the sections of this agreement, with the terms “non-guarantee and exclusive remedies,” “No technical support,” “end of agreement,” “relationship between the parties” and “open source”; and (11) to exclude the application of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act.