Startups are companies that want to grow big to sell or grow at one time or another. Agreements must be well developed to protect shareholders and investors from start-ups and to document the agreed terms of the transaction in question. In the end, some start-ups, which intend to merge or create a joint venture with other companies to increase their labour capital, are growing. For startup entrepreneurs, it is relevant to know the following standard agreements in this regard. The terms “exchangeable shares” and “convertible shares” refer to different types of shares. Convertible Exchange agreements of preference (RCPS) are used to charge shareholders or purchasers in order to exchange their shares in a cash company within a specified period of time or to convert their common shares into preferred shares or other classes of shares within a specified period, in accordance with an RCPS agreement. It is advisable to have written agreements for all your contracts with all third parties, agents, between shareholders and employees. Below we draw up a list of basic legal agreements that entrepreneurs and start-ups should consider (depending on your unit or type of business): an option-to-sell agreement is used if a shareholder, an existing person or company is granted the right (but no obligation) to sell a predetermined quantity of shares at a certain price (predetermined or in a pre-defined formula) within a specified period in accordance with the agreement. A subscription agreement is an agreement between a company and an investor to sell a certain number of shares of the company to the investor at a specified price. An appeal option agreement is similar to an option-to-sell agreement; However, a right to sell is granted here. The decision to become an entrepreneur or venture into a startup requires careful thought and careful planning. Before you start a new business, it`s important to plan ahead and prepare all the necessary documents to avoid future headaches. This article outlines the necessary measures to take into account when setting up a business, whether it is a business, a company or a partnership, and presents in advance the legal conditions and agreements.

There are no all-inclusive start-ups for entrepreneurs and start-ups, because each company is different and has different needs. First of all, some necessary measures are necessary to think when setting up a business: a share purchase contract is a main agreement in the transactions of Mergers and Acquisitions. It is an agreement that governs the terms of sale and purchase of shares in a company. A joint enterprise agreement regulates the terms of a joint venture or cooperation between two or more parties. It sets the obligations and obligations of the parties to the joint venture. The determination of the form of the consideration (i.e. cash or common shares of the existing shareholder) that the MTDC receives in any exercise of the option to sell for series A rcps shares, as amended in Section 11.2 of the shareholder contract, is done exclusively at the discretion of the existing shareholder. (iii) any resolution on the liquidation of the fax; and this notification must be made in writing and specify the date and time of conversion. The company may, from time to time, consult with the owner of Series A RCPS with respect to the exercise of the holder`s right to convert the Series A RCPS and submit suggestions. The conversion of the Series A RCPS to conversion shares is made at the company`s headquarters, unless the holder of series A RCPS and the company have otherwise agreed to it. (iv) any resolution relating to the sale of the business or fax assets or the creation of charges on the same.