Documents submitted for publication to SAMJ are accepted, unless they have been published elsewhere or submitted for publication. Please inform the editor if the main results of your work have been presented at a conference and published in an abstract form to avoid copyright infringement. All previously published research, already published as the “conference procedure,” must essentially be rewritten for a new publication with a new title, a new summary and new and important results that fall within each study. The SAMJ does not take responsibility for the statements of the authors. As part of the submission process, authors are required to verify compliance with all of the following points through their submissions and submissions may be returned to authors who do not comply with these guidelines. This statement provides an item transfer service. If the publisher decides to reject your manuscript before or after peer review, it may offer to transfer it to a more relevant Emerald journal in this area. If you accept this, your ScholarOne author account and your co-authors` accounts will be automatically transferred to the new journal, along with your manuscript and all accompanying peer review reports. However, you must continue to log in to ScholarOne to complete the transmission process with your username and password. While accepting a transmission does not guarantee that the receiving magazine will publish your work, an editor only proposes a transmission if he or she believes that your article corresponds to the new title. If the study was conducted on the basis of data provided by provincial health facilities or required active data collection through institutional visits or interviews with staff, authorization should be obtained from the appropriate provincial authorities. For South African authors, please read the guidelines for filing in the National Health Research Database.

Human research must be conducted in accordance with the principles set out in the Helsinki Declaration. Please consider the National Ministry of Health`s guideline on health research ethics: principles, processes and structures to ensure that the corresponding requirements for conducting research have been met and that HPCSA`s general ethical guidelines for health researchers have been met. When submitting a research article to THE SAMJ, the author must accept payment of the publication fee if the article is adopted for publication. Publication fees must be paid if your manuscript is editorial and before production begins to be published. The author is informed that the payment is due and is informed of the available payment methods. Quick payment is recommended; The item will not be in production until payment has been received. Requests can be forwarded to [email protected] Conclusions: During standardization, portable pulse oxymeters at fingertips are reliable indicators of SpO2 and pulse in patients with comorbidities in a pragmatic clinical setting. However, they show a deterioration in compliance with conventional cardiac oxemies during hypoxemia.

Skin tones do not appear to negatively affect measurements. Given the intense verification process required to ensure that the guidelines are independent, factual and free of commercial bias, they are generally published in addition to the SAMJ, the costs of which must be covered by sponsorship, advertising or payment by the authors/association of the guideline.