The Enterprise Agreement and the New Agreement Guide can be accessed by clicking on the following symbols: Redeployment is a process that allows continuous employees whose positions have become redundant to find another suitable position within the university. It helps the university to preserve the skills and experience of these employees. A fact sheet on the redeployment is available on the WEB DE HR website. If you plan to meet with your staff, keep a written record of your discussions and communications about their performance. Follow your meeting with an email containing performance issues, all agreed-upon measures to improve performance and support measures you have taken; Also note the date and time you agreed to check progress. This type of contract cannot be terminated before the end of the contract, except under point of the enterprise agreement; The contract may be terminated during the trial period or due to unsatisfactory performance or gross misconduct. If you have not communicated reasonable performance expectations and have managed the employee`s unsatisfactory performance, the contract will be converted into employment when the contract expires. Before the end of the transitional period, you can request a review by an internal auditor of a decision to revocation of a position, in accordance with the mandate of paragraph Staff cannot request a review of the redeployment process. PDR is a procedure described in point 5.2 of the enterprise contract, which does not entitle an agent because the clause does not refer to “agents.” The following guidelines, procedures and policies, which are outlined in the 2019 Enterprise Agreement, can be displayed by clicking on the following hyperlinks. In accordance with the redeployment clause of the enterprise agreement (6.7.11), a redistribution officer is first set up for a probationary period of up to three months and, if the agent is deemed appropriate, he is permanently transferred to that position.

As a leader at the University of Adelaide, it is your responsibility to lead and manage your team`s performance. First, you will be transferred to the trial in the new role for an agreed period, i.e. no more than three months. If you are appointed to another position at the university, you are not entitled to severance pay for your previously occupied substantive position. If you need more information, please visit the Professional Staff Development Scholarship Scheme website. A recruitment manager will contact redeployment registry staff who, based on the criteria for selecting vacant continuing education, have been deemed fit to verify whether they are interested in applying for the position. The Fair Work Commission approved the modification of the 2017-2021 enterprise contract on September 16, 2020. The enterprise agreement with the Schedule 8 employment protection framework approved under COVID-19 can be found below. University of South Australia Enterprise Agreement 2019 First and to make sure you are starting an appropriate process in agreement with EA, contact your hr Advisor to discuss your concerns. Executives must ensure that adequate performance expectations are put in place at the beginning of the employment and communicated to the agent from time to time during the term of the contract. These conversations should be done through the PDR process, where conversations and all benefit management processes are recorded.

If you think you don`t have time to manage a low-performing employee, you should discuss this with your supervisor to find out why. It is important that they be aware of your concerns in order to support you and ensure that you have time for your management tasks in order to effectively manage the team`s performance.