While zero-tolerance rules may be appropriate, Applied Devices has mishanded Simon`s termination. Shirlee monitored the time spent online and found out with whom he was exchanging emails, but she didn`t give him the opportunity to tell his story page. AmSouth has effectively fired employees who have clearly violated their guidelines – but our approach is to look at the issues, give the employee the opportunity to react and then decide what to do. The zero-tolerance policy certainly has a place in organizations. At AmSouth, we take this approach with respect to firearms on company ownership, harassment and even inappropriate use of the Internet. Our goal is to create a very safe work environment: it is our responsibility to ensure that our employees, when they come to work, do not have to worry about being harassed and not afraid. It is also our responsibility to give clear guidance to our managers so that, if they have to manage corrective actions, they have a framework that they can rely on. In a system where the triple offender is imprisoned for 25 years, even if he has stolen a candy bar, the rules alone can never be fair enough and often result in harsh and arbitrary sentences. We are all aware of the disappointing effect of a good public slope. While it makes sense to report some forms of behaviour unacceptable, zero-tolerance policies often become a crutch for lazy executives who do not know how to run a business effectively as they tackle problems when they occur. Stephen Miller, a senior White House adviser, has been identified as a “mastermind” behind the Trump administration`s “zero tolerance” policy. But zero-tolerance policies can also result in unnecessary costs.

Replacing an employee, especially a qualified professional, can cost tens of thousands of dollars in staffing intermediation, training, moving costs and lost productivity during research. To obtain a work certification for Simon Pemberton, applied devices must have had difficulty navigating immigration laws and making the U.S. Department of Labor believe that Simon`s skills have unique value. Now the company throws away these skills. It makes sense to fire those who threaten to resort to deadly violence. But shooting for all unauthorized emails, including a quick message to your spouse, no. The abstract term “zero tolerance policy” does not mean much.