In other words, Five Eyes is a simple way to describe the level of classification of documents that can only be considered by the “eyes” of these five countries. Online privacy is increasingly important to Internet users, as international surveillance practices are increasingly important and more effective. There are many reasons to be wary of government powers` access to your data and online activities, especially when international information exchange agreements can allow nations to circumvent their own data protection laws. Since Denmark is a well-known member of the Nine Eyes Alliance, data transiting through Denmark may not be private due to information exchange agreements. This means that Gibraltar is not part of a formal alliance for the exchange of intelligence information, but is still not immune to the spy eyes of the Fourteen Eye Alliance. CyberGhost works outside the competence of the Alliance of 14 Eyes in privacy-friendly Romania. CyberGhost has repeatedly expressed its commitment to user privacy, and it takes its non-log policy very seriously. The treaty was extended to Canada (1948), Australia (1956) and New Zealand (1956). In 1955, the agreement was updated to describe Canada, Australia and New Zealand as “Commonwealth countries cooperating with UKUSA.” [21] The other countries that joined as a “third party” were Norway (1952), Denmark (1954) and West Germany (1955). When people think of mass surveillance, they are right to think of the NSA, but almost every country in the world has their own signal intelligence agency (SIGINT). From British GCHQ to German BND, these organizations focus on intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence operations and prosecutions by intercepting communications and other electronic signals.

SIGINT covers a wide range of activities ranging from typing on phones to accessing a user`s email database with XKEYSCORE. As a general rule, one of the few legal restrictions imposed on these agencies is that they cannot spy on their own citizens. This strongly encourages them to cooperate and act on information. The 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 14 eyes are the most important and important agreements that create the legal framework for such a coordinated activity. The history of this alliance dates back to the Second World War and the UKUSA Agreement, which officially came into force after the 1946 war. This agreement formalized a partnership between the United Kingdom and the United States for the collection and exchange of information. The partnership continued during the Cold War and has only been strengthened since the beginning of the global war on terror in the early 2000s. I would be someone who sees it as a one-way flow of leadership, where the United States wants something from another nation outside the 14 eyes and have used a subpoena to reach it.