If the SDK or any of its components is pre-release or pre-release software, this section applies. Preversion software is a preliminary version, is not a final Adobe product and may contain errors, errors and other problems that can cause system errors or other errors and data loss. Adobe should never publish pre-release software commercially. If you received the preversion software in accordance with a separate written agreement, for example. B.dem Adobe Systems Incorporated licensing agreement for PreRelease software, your use of the software is also subject to this agreement. You will return or destroy all copies of Adobe`s preversion software at adobe`s request or after Adobe commercially releases this software. THEIR USE OF THE PREVERSION SOFTWARE IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 14.6 Third-party conditions. The SDK may contain third-party software (z.B. free or open source software) and may be subject to additional terms and conditions that are usually contained in a separate licensing agreement or a “ReadMe” file near these materials or in the “additional software instructions and/or general conditions” of third parties on www.adobe.com/go/thirdparty (set”Third Party Licensing Conditions”). These third-party licensing conditions may require the developer to send messages to the developer`s end users.

Third-party licensing conditions are monitored in the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this contract and the present conditions of third-party licence. 5.4 USE OF CODEC MP3. You don`t need to change execution libraries or construction tools. You can`t access MP3 codecs in execution libraries, except for published execution APIs. The development, use or distribution of a developer application that works on non-PC devices and decodes MP3 data that is not included in a SWF, FLV or other file format containing more MP3 data may require one or more third-party licenses. 10.1 New Zealand. For New Zealand consumers who receive the software for personal, domestic or private use (for non-professional purposes), this agreement is subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act. Adobe and its vendors own all intellectual property rights over the software. Adobe allows you to use the software only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The use of certain third-party hardware contained in the software may be subject to other general conditions, usually contained in a separate licensing agreement or in a “Read Me” file near these materials. 2.

Use of the mark. You may only use the trademark as part of the performance of your obligations under this licensing agreement, as described in Section 2, provided that this use also complies with the “Adobe Trademark Guidelines for Third Parties Who Use or Refer to Adobe Brands,” available on Adobe`s website (www.adobe.com/misc/agreement.html). These policies can be reviewed and updated at any time by Adobe, and you will always remain in compliance with the current version of the guidelines. The use of the trademark does not give you any rights, title or interest on the trademark, with license rights other than those granted to it. You can grant, transfer or sublicens without Adobe`s prior written approval. They agree not to use the brand, denigrate Adobe or its products, violate Adobe`s high-quality reputation or otherwise harm Adobe`s goodwill in the brand or violate Adobe`s intellectual property.