The following information is available to students who have been transferred by a two-year NSHE (Nevada System of Higher Education) Institution: College of Southern Nevada, Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows Community College or Western Nevada College. Students who move from the University of Nevada, Reno or Nevada State College must follow the general requirements for transfer admission. You don`t need to go back to the NSC to take courses if you can take them at your four-year transfer institution. Go to a csN study advisor to make sure they are transmissible and applicable to your associate degree. Why is finding a partner important? An associate`s degree is an important marketable academic performance that is added to your VITAE CURRICULUM and is appreciated by employers. The associate degree is also the first step towards academic success and is recognized by the institutions of transfer, third and vocational training. The Degree Associate can change their long-term success: there are policies and processes that help transfer students successfully transition to UNLV. Some useful links are: Our transfer program advisors are still working to help students transfer to UNLV! To maintain our quality of advice, we offer Google Hangouts and Webex advice. If access to a camera is limited, we also look forward to telephone appointments. While we try to guide students in the best way possible, other schools outside Nevada have their own requirements, which are primarily the responsibility of students to know it. Go to the school you want to transfer to and get more information as a transfer student.

Get a graduation sheet and course description to help you choose the most appropriate classes. In addition to printed and computerized information documents containing up-to-date transfer information, transfer resources include agreements between the NSC and selected institutions. You will find more information about NSHE institutions and other higher education and university institutions where you may wish to change jobs. If you have more specific questions about the change at another school, send us an email. If you`re not sure which conclusion you want or can win in reverse transfers, meet with a consultant to discuss your options. Students are first evaluated for the business association, unless their completed courses direct them in another direction (science associates, arts associates or general education associates). The mission of the UNLV/CSN Transfer Program is to expand academic support by working with students who are preparing to move to UNLV after graduating from CSN. These services include: 1) providing accurate and up-to-date political programs and information, 2) developing partnerships for the coordination of resources, activities and services in the NSC and UNLV, which improve and simplify the process, and 3) the ability of students to achieve their transfer and career goals through the services provided by the office. If you have acquired an Applied Science Associate (AAS) or General Studies Associate (AGS) or do not have an associate degree, you must meet the general transfer requirements.

At UNLV, a few majors have articulated course work with programmes of other NSHE institutions and have concluded agreements with other states. However, most of the time, courses that run at UNLV for transfer students are obtained through a course-by-course process.