The local planning authority may want to include an analysis of unders procurement: if local planning authorities wish to confirm their housing position over five years once a year, they can do so either through a recently adopted plan or through a subsequent annual notice. Under the heading 5-year housing supply calculation, there is a new paragraph How is housing supply at 5 years calculated in the new local urbanization authorities resulting from a restructuring of local authorities? The new PPG sets out the evidence that can be provided to help include sites in a local authority`s services for five years, including “solid progress in submitting a planning application for example” – a written agreement between the LPA and website developers that confirm developers` intentions when delivering , such as launch dates. B construction kits. The emphasis is on determined progress and clear information, such as location. B, the provision of infrastructure. Mayor Sadiq Khan has secured more than $4.8 billion from the government to help build at least 116,000 affordable housing units by March 2022. This will help Londoners who would otherwise have difficulty renting or buying, and is part of Homes for Londoners – the mayor`s job to deal with London`s housing crisis. Building Council Homes for Londoners is dedicated to helping councils increase their capacity to implement new construction programs. Where a newly constituted local planning authority is covered by strategic housing policies of previous authorities, these measures may continue to be used as housing needs for the calculation of the 5-year housing supply in areas where they are valid if they are less than 5 years old or if they are older. , but they have been reviewed over the past five years and found that they should not be updated.

The housing needs figures identified in the strategic housing policy should be used to calculate the number of housing supplies at five years, with areas providing more completion than necessary, with additional supply being used to fill potential shortfalls from previous years. All student housing, whether residential or self-contained and whether or not it is located on campus, may in principle depend on their contribution to the provision of housing by a public authority, based on the housing supply test to determine whether the anticipated needs (or, in some cases, on-site housing needs) have been met over the past three years. In areas covered by development companies with planning decision-making powers, housing requirements defined in strategic strategies less than 5 years of age or older and not requiring updating are used (this can be done as part of local planning or spatial development strategy). For development companies that do not have or do not exercise plan decision-making powers, the requirement is defined in the relevant strategic strategies and controlled by the strategic decision-making authority.