Since the franchisee is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the hotel, the brand has less control over compliance with the hotel`s brand standards than those managed directly by the hotel brands. An FLA will include dozens of provisions that can be interpreted as distressing for the franchisee, including the operation, inspections, design, construction, layout and equipment of the hotel. However, these provisions help ensure brand compliance in all hotels. Investors are advised to accept these terms with the understanding that franchisees, as franchisees in the industry, generally do not actively monitor strict compliance with the FLA`s terms with respect to the standards and operation of hotel brands. Instead, franchisors closely monitor the results of customer satisfaction surveys and compliance with brand standards with respect to the hotel`s physical components, in order to assess a hotel`s compliance with FLA`s business conditions and brand standards. Although franchisees generally do not allow a franchise agreement to be awarded to a new franchisee, franchisees may negotiate certain assignment rights regarding the franchisee`s ownership structure, provided that the identity of that new franchisee (or the corporation or persons controlling the franchisee) is disclosed and disclosed in advance. This allows franchisees to negotiate with the franchisee an authorized assignment of FLA to partners in a joint venture, which can be done on the basis of purchase-sale agreements in a joint venture agreement. In the absence of negotiation of certain transfers authorized under the FLA, investors may be required to apply for a new franchise agreement as a result of the exercise of certain rights defined in a fund, partnership or joint venture agreement, which could trigger not only the payment of a new registration fee, but perhaps a new duration of 10 to 30 years. increase in franchise fees and a new PIP. Franchisors are also particularly concerned about the identity, experience and financial resources of the franchisee. Therefore, LDPs are generally not accessible by the franchisee. Except as described below, franchisors do not allow a permanent right to transfer the FLA to a successor that has not been verified and approved by the franchisee, and prior authorizations from an “authorized buyer” are quite rare….