No, ebay is not a binding contract, it`s a place where buyers and sellers meet, and that`s it. I tried to explain it by quoting part of the Sale Of Goods Act 1979, which referred to your negotiations, as you explained in your original topic. Since you did not mention that you have asked the seller to reinstate the item as an offer to buy it now, you can purchase the items. The seller was bound by a prior contractual agreement with eBay and could not sell you the items, at least not depending on how you wrote your contribution. All a buyer ever receives if they don`t pay is a non-paying strike (if the seller even files a non-paying dispute, which they sometimes do) that ebay will remove because they love buyers, no matter how bad they are. The moral of the story is that a sale is a legally binding contract and once a buyer clicks the “Buy Now” button (or a winning offer) on eBay or other online marketplaces, you are required to enter into the contract and deliver the goods. If you don`t, you can be sued. Is an eBay transaction a legally binding contract? If so, I want to exaggerate the seller. “Make sure you get a good deal. Even if you are legally entitled to take legal action, you may not have a good deal. Your case, which lawyers call your “remedy,” must have certain legal elements to be tried. [3] [4] If you accept cancellations for one reason or another for convenience and expediency, it makes it useless and unnecessary bryan- a buyer recently bought two items in one weekend and then cancelled both items.