By the decision, both claims are extinguished and are affected by a single net amount due (for example: If Part A owes Part B 100 and Part B Part A 105, both amounts are offset and replaced by a single commitment of 5 from Part B to Part A). Compensation can also be made by contractual agreement, so that in the event of late payment by a party, the sums reciprocally due are automatically deducted and erased. This system automatically compensates Landsat data with MODIS observations recorded on the same date at the same sites and uses them to calculate a number of compliance measures. Right now, Congress can advance a series of trade deals that would allow U.S. companies to sell more goods and services to countries in Asia and South America — deals that would support tens of thousands of U.S. jobs while helping those negatively affected by trade. Similar methods of external clearing exist for the provision of standardised arrangements in market trading with regard to derivatives and securities lending, such as stocks, futures or options. [12] As a result, netting avoids the valuation of future and potential debts by a receiver and prevents receivers from meeting enforcement obligations, as permitted by certain legal systems such as the United States and the United Kingdom.